Intelligent Terrain 2022 Residency feature: Hooria Rahimi


Tributaries is a modular installation inspired by water and movement. The output is performative and reconfigurable, ranging from VR experienced in the forest to large scale projections, online experiences and audio-visual performance.

This project is developed by one of the 3 residents of Intelligent Terrain residency in 2022.


Wakefield, QC


Canada Council for the Arts

in partnership with:

Ferme Lanthorn

collaborators and artists-in-residence:
methods and techniques:

Generative text-to-image, neon light, LED light, installations, lighting design

Part 1: Manipulated microscopic images of plant stems and other natural patterns




Generated based on microscopic images above

Part 2: A.I. explorations

Text-to-image generated installation sketch using DALL·E
Generated image using Midjourney

Installations at Ferme Lanthorn

Hooria created multiple concepts and installed the artworks at Ferme Lanthorn for the community showcase at the end of the residency.

Photogrammetry scan of the installation site:

Installation: Ring

Installation: Firefly

a cube of red-light interacting with understory plants in a forest
Hooria's work in progress for her installation at Ferme Lanthorn

Installation: Convex Mirror

This project is supported by Canada Council for the Arts

About Intelligent Terrain

UKAI Projects led a land-centered residency drawing on terrain near Wakefield, Quebec. During this residency, interdisciplinary artists individually and (where safe) collectively explored cognitive technology’s relationship to land and imagined approaches that bring us into a closer relationship with our environment while working toward the preservation of our world for future generations.

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