Intelligent Terrain 2022 Residency feature: Noelle Perdue


For Intelligent Terrain, Noelle Perdue turned data mapping technology (used to auto-moderate online content) against itself , creating a series of images and objects generated to disgust software systems worldwide, ideally resulting in her permanent exile from the Metaverse and ultimate freedom.

Noelle Perdue is one of the 3 residents of Intelligent Terrain residency in 2022.


Wakefield, QC


Canada Council for the Arts

in partnership with:

Ferme Lanthorn

methods and techniques:

GANs, research, online moderation algorithm

This project is supported by Canada Council for the Arts

About Intelligent Terrain

UKAI Projects led a land-centered residency drawing on terrain near Wakefield, Quebec. During this residency, interdisciplinary artists individually and (where safe) collectively explored cognitive technology’s relationship to land and imagined approaches that bring us into a closer relationship with our environment while working toward the preservation of our world for future generations.

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