Long Walk – London


UKAI Projects visited London in December of 2022 to explore partnerships, to offer a talk at the University of the Arts London School of Communication, and to conduct a workshop in support of our Restructuring Futures project.

We were generously invited into artist paula roush’s (msdm’s) space in Woolwich after meeting her at a workshop we ran at Museums without Walls in Kingston earlier in 2022. paula is a ‘guardian’ of an otherwise abandoned space, formerly council housing and a nursery, situated across from a military base. This site of occupation, inhabitation, and gradual regeneration through artistic production seemed an ideal location for our workshop to happen.

In our workshop we collectively inquired into the kinds of tools and modalities appropriate to a world where centralized infrastructure is under constant threat from climate change and rising authoritarianism.




London, UK


Canada Council for the Arts

in partnership with:



Luisa Ji

Kasra Goodarznezhad

Jerrold McGrath

Willem Deisinger

image of London, UK skyline from Canary Wharf
Nighttime at Canary Wharf in London, UK